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Bachelor in Computational Business Analytics (BSc)

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7 semester
7.700 Euro per semester


Our Bachelor of Science in Computational Business Analytics is designed for students seeking a dynamic technology-focused business career. Being able to understand the manifold contexts of managerial decision-making and combining that with deep knowledge of data analysis techniques is an increasingly valuable skill set for a successful career in many industries. With the emergence of big data, companies see themselves confronted with highly complex decision-making problems that require experts that are able to speak fluently to both decision-makers as well as data scientists.

Business Analytics is concerned with the development and application of quantitative approaches to support managerial decision-making. Experts in this domain are familiar with different methods for data collection and acquisition, they are able to analyze data and build statistical models, and they can translate the outcomes of data analyses to actionable recommendations for managers. On top of this, they need to have a thorough understanding of the different areas of management, including accounting, finance, marketing, and operations.

How is Business Analytics and Data Science used?

  • Image and speech recognition (e.g., Facebook’s photo tagging, Amazon Alexa)
  • Search engines (e.g., Google)
  • Recommendation management (e.g., Amazon, Netflix,
  • Design of production and logistics services (e.g., Rewe home delivery, Intel’s chip factories)
  • Automated processes (e.g., credit card approval, sports betting)
    Sales and demand forecasts (e.g., Zara, Roche)

    Target group

    This programme is the right thing for you if

    • you are interested in new and innovative technologies and their application in the business world
    • you have strong analytical skills and want to work on interesting and important problems
    • you are hands-on and like to work with computers
    • you are eager to discover the benefits and challenges of big data


    Semester 1:

    • Principles of Management
    • Financial Accounting
    • Analytical Thinking & Critical Reasoning
    • Mathematics
    • Introduction to Data Science

    Semester 2:

    • Principles of Finance
    • Microeconomics and Decision Making
    • Statistics & Probability
    • Algorithms & Software Concepts
    • Databases & Data Management

    Semester 3:

    • Operations Management
    • Managerial Accounting
    • Big Data: Ethical & Legal Implications
    • Data Collection & Games and Incentives
    • Computational Statistics

    Semester 4:

    • Corporate Finance
    • Macroeconomics
    • Marketing
    • Machine Learning
    • Data Visualisation

    Semester 5: 

    • Semester Abroad & Internship

    Furthermore, you need to choose one of the following concentrations that cover specialised modules:

    • Innovation & Entrepreneurship
    • Sustainability
    • Marketing
    • Banking & Finance
    • Consulting & Finance
    • Corporate Governance
    • Compliance (in German)
    • Strukturierung & Transaktionen (in German)

    Semester 6: 

    • Deep Learning Elective
    • Academic Skills Module
    • Concentration Modules

    Semester 7:

    • Data Science Elective
    • Elective
    • Thesis

    Admission/Entrance requirements

    • Recognised university entrance qualification (German "Abitur" or equivalent) - If you have yet to graduate, then you can apply by uploading your last two school reports.
    • Frankfurt School Admissions Test or one of the following test scores: SAT, ACT or TestAS plus a standardised English test (TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge or Pearson)
    • Letter of motivation (optional)

    Study fee

    • Registration fee: 100,00 Euro
    • Semester fee: 7.700,00 Euro (Tuition fee for semester abroad may differ depending on the chosen partner institution)

    Bachelor Prep Course - Pre-University Foundation Programme

    Would you like to study at Frankfurt School but do not yet meet the requirements for direct entry into our bachelor programme? Or perhaps you want to get a solid foundation before moving on to the next level of education? The two-semester Pre-University Foundation Programme taught entirely in English will prepare you academically for the rigour of undergraduate studies at Frankfurt School.

    Perfect preparation for studying at Frankfurt School
    Undergraduate studies in bachelor programmes at Frankfurt School are rigorous and academically demanding. To perform well, it is crucial to possess excellent mathematical and language skills. During the Foundation Programme, we prepare you perfectly for what will come next by providing a finely curated curriculum:

    • Foundations of Economics
    • Mathematics for Business
    • Introduction to Statistics
    • Academic & Business English
    • German as a Foreign Language

    Along with these core modules, you will also select one of the specialisations that will give you a head start upon enrolling in one of our bachelor programmes.

    Job description and job opportunities

    Given the Frankfurt School’s excellent reputation, our Bachelor programme offers outstanding career prospects. From day one, our Career Services support you in your individual career management and enable you to expand your professional network through exclusive events. Through our career and application workshops, the FS Mentoring Programme and our FS job fairs, we help you gain all the requisite skills to promote a seamless transition from your studies into the career of your choice.

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