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Intercultural Management - in English

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18 or 24 months
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The Program

Today, business people must understand not only their own cultural complexity but also the need to function effectively in culturally-diverse contexts ranging from their personal and private lives to their workplaces, and other societies, contexts and geographical regions. Further, face-to-face interactions throughout our world, using even all the various forms of digital communications, require in many situations a profound intercultural awareness and excellent communication skills. Globalization has led to a critical need for well-trained, adaptable management that can effectively interact in a variety of multicultural contexts.

This program is entirely in English. We offer you scientifically grounded cultural studies and combine these with communication and management skills to provide you with top-notch, effective interactional competence. Our objective is for you to be able to apply your understanding of how people communicate and interact in a variety of diverse environments, including venues of digital media. Further, we do this in a way that emphasizes the importance of the triple bottom line approach and thus create a holistic learning experience.

One of the strengths of this study program is our inclusion of highly interactive seminars. You don’t have to be physically present in Hamburg to join the discussions held in our online seminars, webinars, and online tutorials. We ask experienced cultural and business experts to moderate important topics that are current and critical so that you can get a hands-on feel for how to deal with real situations in the workplace.

We are committed to offering you significant contact with professionals who understand the issues and can answer questions, provide insights, and recount their own experiences with actual international concerns. In addition, our International Seminar is an exceptional way for you to experience first-hand other worldviews and their consequences in everyday life.

Qualified for a Wide Variety of Careers

Would you like to be prepared for diverse working environments? If you are interested in building a professional understanding of complex human interaction in multicultural contexts then this is the program for you.

Perhaps your career interests lie in international business. Or perhaps you have the desire to work with an NGO, or a non-profit professional organization. Our study program is unique in that it prepares you for an enormous scope of career possibilities. We train students not only in essential cultural theory, but also in important management skills that can be applied to most organizations and sectors. International project managers, human resources, public relations, educational fields, and social entrepreneurs are just a few of the many options for a career path that our degree provides. Our study program can be applied to virtually every sector.


Not only is intercultural competence a must for today’s leaders, but having a principled and responsible approach to doing business is increasingly expected by stakeholders of multinational corporations and organizations. Recognizing this, we have designed a program that weaves the concept of triple bottom line ethics throughout our courses. You will learn how to creatively find solutions to common business and organizational issues in ways that build both respect and long-term sustainability. Using interactive components such as case studies and online seminars, we will closely work together to help you understand best practice within a framework of accountability.

Globally operating organizations are critically aware of the need for culturally competent, responsible leaders. Our program offers both the scientific basis as well as the methodological, practical skills that excellent leaders need for managing projects, people, and environments in our globalized world. We build our program on the understanding that effective intercultural management requires innovative strategies and a strong understanding of human interactional behavior, and that organizations value teachable, adaptable and responsible leaders.

This program is based on international leadership skills, interactional behavior, and important tasks such as creating successful strategies. It brings together a wide range of academic disciplines, in order to explore the cultural complexities and diversity of our current times, from a variety of conceptual, academic and professional perspectives. We encourage you to better understand such complexities, your own cultural selves, and your interactional competence in a transnational context. Our program is designed to form top-notch graduates who are able to blend cultural theory with practical business strategies and best responsible practice.

Entrance Requirements

Academic Requirements

1. Entrance with a first academic degree with 180 Credits
You have earned a first degree with 180 Credits from a state or state-accredited university that includes a focus on any aspect of business and

  • at least one year of relevant* work experience since completing your bachelor degree
  • OR at least one year of qualified** work experience since completing your bachelor degree and 30 Credits by further university training or Bridging Term.

2. Entrance with a first academic degree with 210 Credits
You have earned a first degree with 210 Credits from a state or state-accredited university that includes a focus on any aspect of business and at least one year of relevant* work experience since completing your bachelor degree.

Notice for 1. and 2.: Any applicants with a first degree focus other than a focus on business will include a motivational letter detailing their interest, experience and objectives for enrolling in this program. Applicants already holding a degree in Intercultural Management may not apply.

3. Entrance without a first academic degree:
Our master’s entrance program provides professionals and managers the opportunity to qualify for a master’s program without a first completed degree. If you have extensive years of experience in your field (at least 10 years with at least 6 years management responsibilities), you may demonstrate your qualificaions through our 6 month master’s entrance program. After completing the program examination, you may complete the Master of Arts in Intercultural Management.

relevant* = with direct regard to the study program
qualified** = work experience in a profession

English Proficiency
Your English proficiency must be fluent and you must be able to read and understand academic texts in English, as well as write fluently in English (level C1). The entire study program is in English.

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